backbone 2:1

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The backbone 2:1 connects tablets, smart-phones and laptops to your hifi-system in a high quality mode. It has a fast and to-the-point sound characteristic with fine resolved highs and a detailed ambient imaging.

The backbone 2:1 is equipped with a gold-plated 3.5mm jack on one side and two rugged gold-plated RCA connectors on the other side.

The backbone cable consists of three silver-plated flexible wire strings that are coated with a thin PTFE-isolation. The silver plating provides optimal transmission of the high tone parts while the fine, high-quality isolating layer reduces sound interferences of subtle music signals by accumulation effects in the insulation. 

The signal conductors are arranged twisted, at the junction an additional ground wire is uninterrupted attached.

The signal is protected against external effects by a netting of fine copper wires - of course over the junction, too. The shield is only connected to the source side and so it is not involved in the signal transport.

  • Signal conductor
    3x 0,6mm², silver plated copper stranded wire
  • Signal conductor isolation
  • Capacitance signal conductor / shielding
    150 pF/m *
  • Capacitance signal conductor / signal conductor
    96 pF/m *
  • Resistance signal conductor
    0,03 Ω/m *
  • *Values may change slightly due to production process

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